CORR: Reposted from April 5, 2006

April 5, 2006 at 12:00 am | Posted in Journal of Anti-Science meetings | Leave a comment

This Thursday night, 7PM, in room 208 of Hubbard Hall on the Wichita State campus Christians for Origins and Religious Research (CORR), which, may I add, is a legitimate student organization, will have the third installment of what the group calls “Creation vs. Evolution.” Here’s the poster, click on it for a larger size.Free Image Hosting at

Now, if you know anything basic about radiometric dating/radioactive decay and geology that poster may seem a bit bizarre (yes, it really says what you think it says). These are the methods of creation science, and that’s why I go to simply ask for clarification. There’s no need for debate. Only a need for understanding and an embrace of what works.

I’ve attended the first two meetings and each more or less descended into chaos. This time we’ll be in a new room and I’m excited that Dr. Bill Lucas will be attending. Unfortunately Dr. Moore Jansen will not be due to a prior engagement, however Dr. Van Stipdonk and I will both be there and I very much look forward to this meeting. What Dr. Lucas will be talking about is more in Dr. Van Stipdonk’s area.

Now please everyone, and this may sound bizarre, but please help me and help yourself, help us all, by TELLING supporters of INTELLIGENT DESIGN or CREATIONISM as a valid science to please attend. It’s free and open to the public. The more supporters of INTELLIGENT DESIGN and CREATIONISM that are there the better.

And if you have nothing to do on Thursday please come yourself. I hear I’m entertaining at these things. I’ll post how it went afterwards.

Please get the word out. We have a problem and I’m trying to fix it.

Thank you.


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