CORR Poster for the June 1 Meeting

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I just received the CORR meeting poster, and I’ve been told that a tape may be available IF everything goes off with no problems. Also, apparantly there is a plan B, where we will focus on one topic if Dr. Lucas can not be with us.

AiG Schedule is My Own

May 28, 2006 at 6:37 am | Posted in Journal of Anti-Science meetings | 8 Comments

Answers In Genesis (AiG) will be near my area several times this summer so I will make it a point to attend as many of their meetings as I can.

On the schedule:

June 24-25 Auburn, NE

July 4 Ozark, MO

July 15-16 Studley, KS

Unfortunately, I don’t have the funding to attending Dr. David Menton’s presentation on June 12 in St. Louis, MO. But I’m sure I will meet him someday.

Just after summer:
September 25-27 Joplin, MO

Lucas Returns on Thursday June 1st

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On Thursday, June 1st, Dr. Bill Lucas will virtually return to Wichita State University to give another presentation to CORR and an audience of unsuspecting Kansans. Although his presentation will be delivered via CCTV (closed-circuit television) his name will no doubt bring in a crowd, and probably the same crowd from the earlier meeting.

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CORR: Reposted from May 4, 2006

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CORR poster

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