AiG Schedule is My Own

May 28, 2006 at 6:37 am | Posted in Journal of Anti-Science meetings | 8 Comments

Answers In Genesis (AiG) will be near my area several times this summer so I will make it a point to attend as many of their meetings as I can.

On the schedule:

June 24-25 Auburn, NE

July 4 Ozark, MO

July 15-16 Studley, KS

Unfortunately, I don’t have the funding to attending Dr. David Menton’s presentation on June 12 in St. Louis, MO. But I’m sure I will meet him someday.

Just after summer:
September 25-27 Joplin, MO



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  1. Hello there silkworm, its Mk from physicsforums. I encourage you to keep doing this. With enough work, you can keep a few from falling too deep. Have you read “The Demon Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark”? Extremely good book. I mostly work like this with environmentalists.

    To remind you:
    Of course, you are the vast minority. You must hit only when you can hit the hardest.

    Never say anything negative about the people you are talking to. Be very polite.

    Have knowledge of both sides, the more, the better. Don’t be caught citing the wrong Psalm or something like that.

    If it is more one-on-one, have them do most of the talking, and mostly ask questions.

  2. Oh my god, that AiG site is about as bad as Greenpeace and PETA sites.

    “the Bible is the supreme authority in all matters of faith and practice and in every area it touches on.”
    Sounds like a sentence written before the reformations. Sounds like a sentence continuing to be written by Islamic jihadists. This is disgraceful.

  3. Thanks for the support Mk.

    The problem I have with AiG is their support of Dr. Menton. I’ve viewed a few of his videos and he vulgarly misrepresents science.

    I’m very much not religious, but I wouldn’t impose on anyone else’s freedom as long as no one is being victimized.

  4. heh…

    Can idolatry worship of the The Bible be justified as an appropriate religious behavior? Should those who engage in any form of idolatry worship be given a pass by reasoning, thinking people? I think not. I think what you are doing here is a very good thing.

    I would argue the practice of Bibliolotry within the Christian religion competes against the teachings of Jesus, especially when the focus of the Bibliolotrist operates within the paradigm of The Old Testament; the old law. They cannot reconcile their idolatry worship of The Bible with the Teachings of Jesus; they do not see it. How are they then to escape the disease of reified thought regarding other things? What does any of this have to do with the Origin of Life? Nothing. However, it has everything to do with the debate.

    Narcissism is inherent in our humanity. Malignant and predatory narcissism are pathologies of the personality which operate independent of matters which concern cosmology, teleology or ontology.

    If there is an irony to the creation debate, is the war between the secular creationists and the divine creationists; one of many wars between reified thinkers locked in concretized thought.

    Let us take care to not worship Science either. Man has corrupted it as well. One only need look at the modern secular religion of AIDS orthodoxy, and the vile things done to those who dared to question it; vile things done to scientists whose credentials stood head and shoulders above those competing scientists who tore them down. The history of medical science in particular is full of such treachery. Perhaps it too suffers a form of worship disorder.

    The heart of all scientific thought is to keep questioning. To declare a belief and cease to question is not Science. Idolatry worship of Science is little different from idolatry worship of the The Bible, or any other symbol, however craven or innocent one believes it to be. Whether one is seeking grants or donation, it is foremost the business of Man, imperfect, and vainly limited by our mortal nature, to maintain clarity of mind and healthy sense of self.

    Scientific Method arose as a tool to manage the vagaries of Man’s mortal nature and the pathologies of narcissism which plague us all, regardless of our level of formal education.

    Pathological narcissists engaged in forms of idolatry worship and utopianism are the bane of human civilization. It is good that you fight this. Though it wears many masks, the result is the same. Behind that mask is the face of Evil. If you did not know it was there, you wouldn’t have picked this battleground. Good luck.

  5. I thank you very much for the response Willem, I enjoyed it although the religious aspects of the situation are not of my concern.

    I would also like to mention that all areas of science has had its problems, however science must work to be good science so it has a knack of inevitably correcting itself.

  6. Hi Silkworm

    Good initiative but to convert Christians is a heathens job (Dutch slang for hell of a job) or next to impossible. The best way to keep peace, as I found out, is splitting up the Sciencific world and the Genesis World. It’s no problem that their world is only 6000 years old, however ours is 4,6 billion, don’t try and mix that up. Splitting science and religion has started some 500 years ago with Copernicus, I would say. It will proably take another 500 before that job is done.


  7. Is it Science or Man which corrects itself? Science is a named form of human activity. Scientific method is key. Through Scientific Method we best describe the things around us. The power of Science arises from that which is accurately described; that which is defined at will is Politics, not Science. It is human nature to claim we define the things around us, displacing abstraction with symbol and reified fact. Such is Hubris and mischief. Most all that comprises our universe was defined in some other way not anthropogenic. In Truth, we define nothing but ourselves. Perhaps the irreducible self-correcting component is the Individual, not Man, not Science. Religion and Science have much in common as forms of human activity. They are not so different in their Good or their Evil.

  8. Heroic work you’re doing, silkworm – keep it up!

    You noted that the AiG will be in Studley KS July 16-17 . . . Studley isn’t showing up on GoogleMaps, but seems to be somewhere around Hoxie. Holler if you get more info on the location of this . . . conference . . .

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