Lucas Returns on Thursday June 1st

May 28, 2006 at 3:28 am | Posted in Journal of Anti-Science meetings | 2 Comments

On Thursday, June 1st, Dr. Bill Lucas will virtually return to Wichita State University to give another presentation to CORR and an audience of unsuspecting Kansans. Although his presentation will be delivered via CCTV (closed-circuit television) his name will no doubt bring in a crowd, and probably the same crowd from the earlier meeting.

The first Lucas’ meeting was the meeting I feel that I’ve failed at, mainly due to difficulties with the format (a recap of the first meeting can be found here). This time the format will even be more bizarre as all dialogue will be done through CCTV. I don’t know how to handle it, but I will try my best. I will also be alone, as my friend in this told me he’s going to sit this one out.

Dr. Bill Lucas

For more information on Lucas, I offer this. First, here’s Dr. Bill Lucas’ Resume. Notice that he did 25 years of post doc work, yet the experimental work he did to confirm Robert Gentry’s claims of primordial granite in the radiohalos experiment was that he put them into his kitchen oven and concluded that granite can not melt. Weak weak methodology, as anyone knows granite can melt, it’s just a kitchen oven is not powerful enough to do so.

He’s part of Common Sense Science. Here is what CSS claims on it’s website, “Common Sense Science is a body of theory regarding matter and forces that describes physical reality using geometric models, absolute time and Galilean space in a way that is consistent with experimental observations and free of internal contradictions. The foundational principles of CSS theory are based upon the law of cause and effect and the assertion that the universe and natural phenomena are fundamentally electrical in character. These principles have led to the development of more accurate physical models for elementary particles, nuclei, atoms and molecules, and the derivation of a new universal force law that applies on all scales ranging from the sub-atomic to the cosmic domain.”

In our first meeting, I got Lucas to admit that he thought Thermodynamics, Quantum Physics, etc. etc. did not work because they do not allow for the existence of God, and so he’s replacing them. So it’s fairly clear what the organization is about, however it’s poorly masked.

He also claims to have derived the electrodynamic force law, which is supposedly the “Theory of Everything.” This is as confused as many of the arguments of CSS. While Lucas claims to be an expert on subatomic particles he also claims that they do not exist only 4 fundamental particles exist, and the list does no include the quark. Yet he claims his equation can calculate for quarks.

Lucas apparently has his success by misrepresenting science and scientific history to those without a frame of reference, who are wowed by it and support him. It’s tough to argue with him because everything he says is confused. And although everything ends up being a mess of words, he gets the benefit of the doubt because of his PhD.

Thursday night should be interesting, if not simply because of the mess.



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  1. No point in getting too excited about any particular scientific theory challenging God.

    Theories change.

    Our total knowledge must certainly be a small fraction of the knowledge possible.

    And the more we learn, the more we realize we don’t know.

    Darwins cells are not just blobs of protoplasm that could come from sea mud, as Huxley and Haeckel theorized.

  2. Atheist Fighter,

    About "Darwins cells are not just blobs of protoplasm that would come from sea mud, as Huxley and Haeckel theorized."

    I don't understand what you're saying. Could you clarify?

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