CORR: Thursday June 15th, 7PM, Hubbard Hall, Room 231 – Special Guest, Dr. Bill Lucas (maybe)

June 13, 2006 at 3:30 pm | Posted in Journal of Anti-Science meetings | 5 Comments

New CORR poster

NOTE: Wednesday 3:20 PM, I’ve just been notified of a room change from 231 to 218. This shouldn’t be a problem because they’re close to each other.

Ladies and gentlemen… on Thursday, June 15th… at Wichita State University… is the return… of Dr. Bill Lucas (maybe)!

Dr. Lucas may return to to Hubbard Hall, but it’s still not certain whether or not all of the bugs for the CCTV have been worked out. He plans on speaking about what was called “The Universal Force Law” during his last visit, and is now called, “The Divine Force.” This is the equation, followed by his reasons why it’s so nifty:

Divine Force LawReasons

The Divine Force is supposed to replace these:

The Laws

I can’t speak about it until I get all of these variables defined. It’s interesting that Dr. Lucas is planning to speak about this instead of his evidence for the Biblical flood, which includes statements that show he believes the Earth to be geologically dead (which would come to a shock to many geologists, I’m sure). This particular presentation is listed on the Common Sense Science website as “technical, for physicists/scientists,” so he is apparently planning for a very different audience than what was present the last time he was here.

Either way, please send as many creationists/ID supporters to this meeting as you can find. The meeting is free and open to the public.



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  1. Seems to me that Occam’s razor, rather than favoring Lucas’ single formula, would hold that it’s more likely that Lucas is wrong than that Newton, Einstein, Hutton, Wegner, Hubble, Plank, Lavoisier, et al. are all wrong

  2. I’m wondering how he seeks to discredit the “Chemical theory of Molecules”. Given that molecules can be directly observed, that’s not much of a theory as much as fact.

    Additionally, even individual atoms have had their shells resolved so that’s pretty damned indisputable as well.

  3. Just found the site, and I’m very impressed and happy to see somebody doing this. I’ve been to an AiG meeting, and it was patently ridiculous. Somebody needs to correct the lies and misrepresentations presented at gatherings like these. If I had known these CORR meetings were happening, I would have planned to attend a few of them too. Maybe next time… although I really do want to know how this equation replaces the “theory” of the Solar System- based on our robotic exploration of it, I’d say it exists and works pretty much the way real scientists think it does.

  4. sdgdssddsg

  5. lh6lua Excellent article, I will take note. Many thanks for the story!

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