Dr. Bill Lucas update: 1 week after being discredited

June 22, 2006 at 9:27 pm | Posted in Journal of Anti-Science meetings | 4 Comments

Well, today is Thursday. That’s 1 entire week from last Thursday, when Dr. Bil Lucas presented to Chritians for Origins and Religious Research, a student group at Wichita State University, and was caught in a few lies. (A recap of the meeting can be found here).

One of these lies was a professorship at Catholic University that is on his resume. Catholic University says he’s never had one. When I confronted him over it, he said that what is on his resume is not his responsibility and he’ll get it corrected.

Well, it’s 1 week later, a reasonable amount of time, so I went to check on Dr. Lucas’ progress by viewing his resume here, and the fake professorship still has not been removed from his resume. I’m not going to let this issue die, but I’ll make sure to have a correspondence with American University, who is also listed on his resume as having had him as a professor, before pressing the issue any further.

I’ve also let David Nash, executive director of AAAS-SWARM (a well respected scientific organization), know that Dr. Bill Lucas called him a liar, and I’m curious how many of those who actually presented to the Natural Philosophy Alliance, a pseudoscience group who accept people like Lucas, at their Tulsa conference now claim to have presented to the AAAS.

I’ve also done a search of Dr. Lucas’ claim of having 40-60 articles published in American Physical Society journals. Through an author search on the APS website, which searches all APS journals all the way back to 1893 (he said I wouldn’t be able to find them all because he claimed they went all the way back to 1960), it was revealed to me that Lucas, in fact, only has 2 APS articles.

I’m a reasonable person, but 2 is nowhere near 40, you are responsible for committing fraud on your own resume, and the AAAS is not the NPA.

Despite all of this, Lucas still has his following of people who know his lies but still promote him, the leaders of CORR for example. One of these men, Dr. Paul Ackerman is listed “creation scientist” at both Answers in Genesis and the Institute of Creation Research. Each of those organizations are responsible for a library of media that misrepresents textbook science that misleads their audience of nonscientists, I’ve viewed a good portion of it at CORR meetings. Ackerman’s continued embrace of Dr. Lucas is evidence to me that these misrepresentations are intentional lies, and the media itself would more correctly be called propaganda.

This propaganda and people like Lucas, of which there are many, do damage. I know for a fact that there are also over 100 people around Wichita who were lied to by Lucas, through who he said he was and what he said about science, and believed him. They may always believe that scientists are a group evil conspirators and that he’s been persecuted by, who come up with riduculous notions and create models that don’t work and use each other to hide and get fat, when really he’s really just a liar.

Too bad he’s not the only one.


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  1. good for you. signed nastynista

  2. A potentially important point, and one that is interesting at the very least, is that in his 2 publications in AIP journals (and the Phys. Review series is certainly very well respected) Dr. Lucas is the second author. In some cases, authors are merely listed in alphabetical order. In my laboratory, however, as in many laboratories in the States these days, the first author position is one of honor, reserved for the individual that does the bulk of the work, and the corresponding author is listed last. This not necessarily an indictment, but one would expect the “World’s leading authority on pionic atoms” (which unfortunately can’t exist w/o quarks, which don’t exist according to CSS…) to be first author on these papers.

    And I’ll back you up on the statement that 2 does not equal 40-60.

    Keep at ’em.

  3. Lucas is a controversial character with theories that mainstream scientists wish would disappear. Is it possible that some of his credentials have been purged,made to disappear, out of animus toward him?

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