No AiG for me this weekend, what are you up to?

June 22, 2006 at 9:07 am | Posted in Events, Journal of Anti-Science meetings | Leave a comment

Because of money and time, I won’t be able to attend the AiG conference in Auburn, Nebraska this weekend (June 24-25). I probably also will not be able to make the conference in Ozark, MO on July 4 for the same reasons, but there is nothing that can possibly keep me away from Dr. Robert “Tommy” Mitchell’s 2-day conference in Studley, KS (District #5 of the Kansas School Board, and ID supporter Connie Morris is up for reelection this year) on July 15-16.

Because I can’t attend this Auburn conference, I have to ask for some help from those near the Omaha or Kansas City area.

Use Google Maps to find Auburn (I can’t link it for some reason). The conference will be held at, Auburn Baptist Church, 2613 “N” Street, Auburn, Nebraska. From the information on the AiG website, there will not be a speaker as this is a video conference. I’ve reviewed a substantial portion of AiG material, primarily Dr. David Menton videos, and they seem to make it a point to misrepresent accepted science, to create straw-men, and lie to the audience in order to sway nonscientists.

What I mean to say is, if only nonscientists are at this function, the crowd will have no choice but to believe the lies likely to be presented in those AiG videos.

On the schedule are Ken Ham videos: Genesis, Key to Reclaiming the Culture, The Bible Explains Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs, Genesis and the Gospel Part 1 & Part 2, and Six Days. I’ve never seen any of those particular videos, but I expect them to be full of lies much like another video to be shown at the conference, Dr. David Menton‘s Fearfully and Wonderfully Made . I watched this video as it was presented at a CORR (Christians for Origins and Religious Research) meeting and I reviewed that meeting here.

So I’m pleading, for anyone in the Kansas City or Omaha area or simply has the time, please go this conference and don’t let the audience be lied to by the videos, defend them.

Don’t let them walk out believing that Haeckel’s science is accepted today, don’t let them think that biologists say evolution occurs merely by chance, that evolution only requires something to work well enough, and that just because some things do not have an explanation for it’s evolutionary history doesn’t mean it won’t – science is constantly in progress. Those misrepresentations are all from a segment of the Menton video I’ve seen, and I can’t help but anticipate many more through the Ham videos.

If you go, please don’t attack the beliefs of the supporters of the conference, just try to do your best to explain to them what science is and that the have been lied to about it. These people need to be embraced and defended, not attacked. Just your presence and your respect will be doing the world a favor.

Thank you.


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