IDnet Roadshow Emporia

July 28, 2006 at 7:37 am | Posted in Journal of Anti-Science meetings | 5 Comments

IDnet Roadshow Emporia

(I’ll write a recap after the shows.)



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  1. A falsehood from Calvert’s presentation in Emporia:

    “This was uh…a day after the state board adopted the changes. The National Association of Biology Teachers issued a press release and denigrated the action of the Board for removing evolution from the science standards. Now if there is any organization…this was their press release: The National Association is deeply disappointed by the decision of the Kansas Board to undermine the teaching of science in the state by removing the mention of evolution from the science standards. The Board has weakened the quality of education.”

    The actual text of the NABT press release:

    “The National Association of Biology Teachers is deeply disappointed by the decision of the Kansas State Board of Education to undermine the teaching of science in the state of Kansas. Evolution is more than a single concept in science; it is the very framework of modern biology. By ignoring the recommendations of their esteemed panel of scientists and educators and weakening the teaching of evolution in their state science education standards, the Board members have not only diluted the quality of education received by students in Kansas, they have hindered teaching subject matter with significant impact on the health and welfare of the citizens of their state, and they have opened the door for a serious breach of the establishment clause of the First Amendment that has been a defining principle of our nation’s democracy.”

    I find it interesting that John Calvert is complaining about misrepresentation and misinformation while he is simultaneously misrepresenting the NABT statement and misinforming his audiences.

  2. Update: It turns out that Calvert was referring to an earlier version of the NABT statement that did mistakenly say that the Board removed evolution from the standards. Apparently, this version of the statement was sent out to NABT members on November 9th.

    NABT later issued the version of the statement that is found as a press release on their website.

    In my opinion, it would be helpful for him to explain this to his audiences. That way, people like me won’t jump to conclusions.

  3. When it comes to Calvert, I never have any doubt about either his motivation, orientation, or tactics. I simply assume the worst, and he never fails to descend to my lowest expectations.

  4. I was at the meeting in Olathe. Calvert loves to hear his own voice thats for sure. And I laughed when he showed the Flying Spaghetti Monster and tried to pin it on KCFS. By the way Silkworm I have the audio if you want it.

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