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July 29, 2006 at 5:56 am | Posted in Journal of Anti-Science meetings | 2 Comments

I didn’t make it to this meeting myself, but Harry Gregory did and he did a fantastic job.

Harry told me there was only 20-25 people there. With the 25-30 people the night before in Emporia, the Roadshow may have reached up to 50 people in 2 nights of work.
Thank you for the audio, Harry.

IDnet Roadshow Hutch



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  1. Arrrgh. The more I listen to this guy peddling his lecture, the more angry I become with him. “Teach the controversy!”, huh? I’m a software engineer, and what this guy reminds me of is Steve Ballmer on a podium, slapping his first in his palm and shouting, “Developers developers developers!!” Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

    How dare he invoke “the intentions of the founding fathers” as justification for corrupting the practice of science on religious grounds. I wonder what part of the phrase “congress shall make NO LAW respecting an establishment of religion” he doesn’t understand. His angle? He says that congress is endorsing the “religion” of materialistic atheism by disallowing “alternate theories” in science classrooms. Yeah, the “religion of atheism”, that has a nice, logical sound to it.

    Well, in the interest of full disclosure, there is an “atheist church” …
    But it ain’t exactly the same beast.

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