Dr. Bill Lucas Update: 9.5 weeks after being discredited

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Just a quick note.

It’s been awhile before I checked in with Dr. Bill Lucas. I haven’t had any faith that his resume would change, and so I haven’t checked in. Looks like I was right to not be sitting on the edge of my seat as 9.5 weeks after his 2nd presentation to Wichita State and I brought to his attention that his resume was fictitious (and so was his claim of presenting of the AAAS), that’s 66 days, and Bill Lucas still has not corrected his resume.

On Friday, J. David Lehman and Dr. Paul Ackerman, the de-facto leader of CORR and the Wichita State faculty sponsor, brought in Dr. Jerry Bergman, a man with similar credibility issues who vehemently defended Dr. Lucas during his visit. Bergman is set to release a new book, The Long War by Darwinists Against Darwin Skeptics, where he “documents hundreds of cases of blatant discrimination against Creationist professors.” I don’t know if Bergman, who makes seriously questionable (if not flat out fictional) claims at persecution, will include himself and Lucas, who also makes such claims, or where the book will appear in the library.

Bergman Wichita State Recap

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Audio Here

The size of the crowd was surprisingly small for this particular event, topping out at 70. The crowd for Bill Lucas’ first visit was much larger. The crowd was made up mostly of people who don’t work or attend WSU, a few families, a few teenagers, some older people, and a few scientists, a few of my fellow students, and myself.

Normally, I try to focus only on the science the presenter offers, but CORR leaders, de-facto leader Dave Lehman and faculty sponsor Dr. Paul Ackerman, burned us in the past by bringing in a speaker with false credentials, Dr. Charles William (Bill) Lucas Jr. (which can be found many times on this blog). So I focused on that, and left the science, of which there were many concerns, to faculty scientists and fellow students in the audience. Bergman’s presentation was to promote his “soon to be released book,” The Long War by Darwinists Against Darwin Skeptics, where he claims he “documents hundreds of cases of discrimination against Creationist professors,” a group he counts himself among. In my research of his story, I found that not to be the case, and so it was my focus in this presentation. Continue Reading Bergman Wichita State Recap…

“We…I need feedback from people who don’t accept my ideas.” – Jerry Bergman

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The quote that titles this blog entry is from an August 17, 2006 radio interview by Jerry Bergman on “Kansas Live,” a show produced locally for American Family Radio. The transcription was provided to me by Dr. Van Stipdonk.
“We…I need feedback from people who don’t accept my ideas.” – Jerry Bergman

The following is the transcript from an excerpt of a tape provided to me by the AFR affiliate here in Wichita. At the end there are links to other media promoting the event.
The meeting at Wichita State is Friday, August 18th, room 208 of Hubbard Hall.

Continue Reading “We…I need feedback from people who don’t accept my ideas.” – Jerry Bergman…

New Bergman Poster for Friday’s Meeting

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Here is the NEW poster for the presentation by Bergman at WSU on Friday.

Continue Reading New Bergman Poster for Friday’s Meeting…

Bergman’s CV and publications

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The following is the CV and publications for Jerry Bergman provided to me by CORR de-facto leader J. David Lehman. It’s an interesting read, as Bergman’s mere existence seems to prove String Theory. The entire post is verbatim, except that Bergman’s personal contact information has been removed.

I apologize for the formatting issues, of which there were many, and that I’ve tried to clean up a bit.



Continue Reading Bergman’s CV and publications…

Jerry Bergman to present to CORR

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On Friday, August 18th at 7PM in Hubbard Hall Room 208, famous creationist Jerry Bergman will present to CORR at Wichita State University.

The title of the presentation is: “Why Mutations Cause Degeneration in Genomes – Is this Information Censored?”

The CORR poster says, “Jerry Bergman has taught in the behavioral and biological science area at the college level for over 30 years, including at Medical University of Ohio, where he is now an adjunct associate professor, and at the University of Toledo and Bowling Green University. He is a graduate of Medical University of Ohio, Wayne State University in Detroit, The University of Toledo, and Bowling Green State University. Dr. Bergman has over 700 publications including 20 books, and has presented over one hundred scientific papers at professional conferences in the United States, Canada, and Europe. He has also served as a consultant for CBS News, ABC News, Reader’s Digest, Amnesty International, several government agencies and for two laureates. He is listed in Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in the Midwest, and in Who’s Who in Science and Religion.”

I’m hoping for a large crowd at this one, so please spread the word.

Last Thursday’s CORR meeting…

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Last Thurday’s CORR meeting was a bit strange and started with a couple of big announcements (more on that later).

Continue Reading Last Thursday’s CORR meeting……

A look at DDD6 and the primaries

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With 40-50 people in Olathe, roughly 25 in each Emporia, Hutchinson, and Dodge City and a dozen in Hays, John Calvert’s IDnet roadshow reached a maximum of 137 people – some of which (including myself) who attended at least one of the shows were not supporters.

The Roadshow is known by DDD6. 6 is the number of years. The 3D’s stand for Darwin, Design, and Democracy. Science is not democratic, but this anti-science movement has used politics to gain all of its leverage. It did well at first, making something out of nothing. But how is it doing now?
After tonight’s primaries, only anti-science KBOE members John Bacon (District 3) and Ken Willard (District 7) are still alive for the November elections. Connie Morris (District 5), and Iris Van Meter’s son-in-law Brad Patzer (District 9) were each handed defeat, while pro-science KBOE member Janet Waugh (District 1) kept her seat. So, pro-science won 3-2 in the primary alone, and pro-science has assured itself a majority on the KBOE with these small victories.

I’m not sure that either Bacon or Willard will make it back to the KBOE after the November election, but assuming they do they’ll stay with Kathy Martin (District 6) and board chairman Steve Abrams (District 9) as the 4 anti-science board members. This shifts the balance of power on the board to 6-4 pro-science.

The Intelligent Design movement is falling apart in Kansas, but this doesn’t mean this is the end. Measures must be taken so the voters who support this lunacy will not be misled into making this mistake again.

Bye Connie Morris and Iris Van Meter’s son in law. And bye John Calvert, Dr. Harris, and Angus Menuge. The next generation of your ilk will not have a chance.

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