Bergman’s CV and publications

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The following is the CV and publications for Jerry Bergman provided to me by CORR de-facto leader J. David Lehman. It’s an interesting read, as Bergman’s mere existence seems to prove String Theory. The entire post is verbatim, except that Bergman’s personal contact information has been removed.

I apologize for the formatting issues, of which there were many, and that I’ve tried to clean up a bit.






2001 to 2004: Master of Science (M.S.) Medical College of Ohio, Toledo, Ohio. Major area of study was in the health and medicine area. June 2004. Thesis title was “Evaluation to Optical Radiation in Medical Diagnostics and Treatment.” 3.8 GPA


1994 to 2000: Graduate student in Molecular Biology Department at the Medical College of Ohio, Toledo, Ohio (102 quarter graduate hours completed; 3.9 GPA).

1998 to 2001: Masters of Public Health (MPH). Northwest Ohio Consortium for Public Health (Medical College of Ohio, Toledo, Ohio; University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio; Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio). (3.9 GPA).


1996-1999: Masters of Science in Biomedical Science (MSBS), Medical College of Ohio, Toledo, Ohio (3.9 GPA). Thesis title was on Tumor Markers in Cancer Treatment.

1996 to date: Accepted as a Ph.D. student, department of chemistry Miami University in Oxford Ohio. So far have completed 40 graduate quarter hours in chemistry (4.0 GPA).

1992-1996: Post graduate study. University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin. Studied geology, philosophy, nutrition, chemistry, and meteorology (3.6 GPA).

1989-1992: Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Columbia Pacific University, San Rafael, CA 94901. Major was human biology (4.0 GPA).


1982-1986: Masters of Arts (M.A.) in Sociology with a major in Social Psychology, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio (3.5 GPA).


1977-1987: Accepted as a Ph.D. student in the department of sociology and have completed almost all of the course work for this degree (so far completed 60 hours of graduate level course work at primarily in the Behavioral Sciences (3.5 GPA).


1971-1976: Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Wayne State University, Detroit, MI. Majored in Evaluation and Research, minored in Psychology (4.0 GPA).


1970-1971: Master of Education (M.Ed.) Degree, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI. Major area of study was in Psychology, Education, and Counseling (3.71 GPA).


1969-1970: Teaching certification, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI., both at Primary and Secondary levels.

1967-1970: Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, 48202. Major areas of study included Psychology, Biology, and Sociology.


1965-1967: Associate of Arts (A.A.), Oakland Community College, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Major area of study was Biology and the Behavioral Sciences.

Select Honors and Awards: Listed in Marquis Who’s Who in the Midwest, since 1992 Marquis Who’s Who in America since 2000. ; and in Marquis Who’s Who in Education. since the 6th Edition, and Marquis Who’s Who in Science and Engineering since the 8th edition, Marquis Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare since 2005, and Who’s Who in Theology and Science., p. 18-19, Winthrop Publishing Company, Framingham, MA, 1992 and 1996 edition (New York, Continuum 1996 p. 32), and Who’s Who in America 47th Ed., New Providence, NJ 07974. Listed in Research Centers Directory edited by Maurice Michelle Watkins, Gale Research Company, Book Tower, Michigan. 1990 and in Internationales AdreBregister der Sektenarbeet Munchen 1997-1998. My library is listed in The Directory of Special Libraries and Information Centers (Gale Group, Farmington Hills, MI. 2001).


Teaching Awords: Was selected by my students for theWho’s Who Among America’s Teachers for the years 2000 and 2005.


Member of MENSA, which requires members to be in the top 2 percent of the population intellectually. Scored in 90 percentile for verbal GRE, 68% percentile for quantitative and 98% percentile for subject test. Received the 1998 Edgar Langsdorf award for excellence in writing. Awarded a Public Health Service Grant for graduate school at Medical College of Ohio worth in excess of 20,000 dollars.

Grades: 3.7 average for first Master’s degree; 3.5 for second masters, 3.8 for third, forth, and fifth masters degree, 4.0 average for both first and second Ph.D. (4.0 = A).

Extracurricular and Volunteer Activities: On the staff of the college newspaper and yearbook, and was a photographer for school publications. Several awards earned in conjunction with publication activities. Volunteer work included reading for the blind, working with the deaf, and much tutoring in the area of science.

Certification: certified in Ohio to teach at both elementary and high school levels (all subjects for elementary and certified at the secondary level for biological and general science, psychology, sociology, history, and general social studies. Licensed in Ohio as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor.


Adjunct Professor and Research Associate, Adjunct appointment was Sept. 1998. Medical University of Ohio, Toledo, Ohio 43614

Professor of Biology and Chemistry. March 1986 to date at Northwest State College, Archbold, Ohio, Devision of Arts and Sciences, teaching primarily biology, biochemistry, genetics, zoology, chemistry, and anthropology classes. Also served on academic affairs committee for five years, and chair for two. Served on several search committees, and as a consultant for a score of science text books. Developed many new science courses, and worked with the faculty in developing several new degree programs.

Adjunct Professor at Indiana Wesleyan University Marion, IN, supervising master’s theses in an MBA program designed for established professionals (almost all of the fourteen students I have supervised have undergraduate degrees in engineering, nursing or related areas). Among the topics supervised include health care, specifically development of a program which can provide the necessary training so as maternity client patients are able to deliver their baby, and be home within a day or so. This program includes counseling and training during maternity, as well as a program of follow-up so as the baby can receive home care, and health evaluations as necessary. Many of the other theses were in the engineering area. One student is completing his master’s thesis on designing and engineering a computer operated feed-back program in the production of cable coating which will increase quality control by use of sensors (heat, thickness, color, etc.) so that feedback is more direct and immediate, reducing the need for destructive testing as well as waste when quality control goes beyond the required tolerances.

Instructor of Mathematics September 1980 to June 1986 at University of Toledo (Dr. Amand was the last Department Chair I worked under). Taught a wide variety of math classes to engineering, business, nursing and other students at both the graduate and undergraduate level. Also taught general science/biology and behavioral science classes part time at Defiance College, Defiance Ohio, and Owens Technical College, Toledo, Ohio during this period.

Associate Professor of Psychology, September 1981 – December 1982. Department of Psychology, Spring Arbor University, Spring Arbor, Michigan 49283. Taught in the psychology and sociology area. Also taught at Southern State Prison, Southern Michigan (SPSM).

Assistant Professor, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio, September 1973 – June 1980. Teaching general education, psychology and assessment classes. Was on both the undergraduate and graduate faculty. General duties in connection with position include teaching, research, consultation, writing and publication, as well as extensive work with students.

College Instructor. Teaching Psychology, Sociology and Corrections at Oakland Community College, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Worked in developing several innovative programs. Rated in 90th percentile in O.C.C. student rating system.


Research for the National Council on Crime and Delinquency (NCCD) on the criminal population for the community treatment project for second felony offenders (the results were published by NCCD). My research experience in this position includes developing measuring techniques, designing and using a wide variety of psychological tests, evaluating psychological programs, system rates research, gathering, coding, and summarizing data using computer, writing reports, writing the conclusions and research findings, evaluating on-going programs (including group counseling, marriage counseling, drug groups, individual counseling), writing progress reports for publication and general public dissemination, speaking about the project to college classes and organization including the Rotary, Kiwanis, and Birmingham Community groups. Also, involved with group and behavior modification therapy, and the more traditional psychoanalytic chemotherapy and counseling techniques. In-service training included readings and application of behaviorism in dealing with several types of abnormal behavior. Worked in developing practical applications of behaviorism in treating sexual, social, and drug offenders.

Primary and Secondary Science Teacher, Lamphere School District, Madison Heights, Michigan, and Clawson High School, Clawson, Michigan. Taught Biology, Physics, General Chemistry, and Drafting, both classes and labs. Used behavioral objectives in designing lessons under a highly structured teacher accountability system. Utilized the discovery approach in teaching science, and formal behavior modification techniques for most classes. Designed and developed research projects on creativity, studied use of rating scales, internality/externality scales and other psychological tests as applied to education. Extensive use of the computer and writing programs in evaluating educational data.

Colleges Taught at Since 1967 (Most Part-time)

1. Wayne State University 8. Jackson Community College

2. University of Toledo 9. Northwest State College

3. Bowling Green State University 10. Defiance College

4. Findlay University 11. Lorraine Community College

5. Indiana Wesleyan University 12. Terra State College

6. Oakland Community College 13. Owens State Community College

7. Spring Arbor University 14. Medical University of Ohio

Other Experience (both consulting and full time):

Chemical Research/Publication Development Engineering Company, Royal Oak, MI, about 1975 to 1979 as a consultant, including research on publication and information relative to the periodic table and the elements, information relative to chemical processes and techniques used in the automotive industry and manufacturing in general, and also for the Community Treatment research project in research. These positions included drug use evaluation, testing and research and for therapy programs. Involved in chemical research primarily related to drug abuse and analysis, working with calorimetric analysis, chromatography, pH meters, spectroanalysis, and titration. Supervisor for the latter position was Michael Mahoney, Royal Oak, MI.


Mechanical Engineer Cunningham Engineers, Inc., Bloomfield Hills, MI, and Hugh Acton Company, Birmingham, MI 1967 to 1970 and other dates (consulting to 1973). Supervisor was Mr. Mintus, P.E. and Mr. Hugh Acton. Involved in the mechanical engineering aspects of both the design and development and field testing of large industrial machinery and buildings. Worked with uniform and cyclic stress equipment, heat treatment tests and various metallurgical techniques. At Hugh Acton Company, I was involved in design engineering, quality control aspects and product development of custom built office furniture, including various plating and manufacturing processes. Also involved in the design and development of machinery used to manufacture such equipment. Position also involved the development and evaluation of various wood and metal surface finishes, and working closely with various chemical companies in the development of such.

Therapist, Arlington Psychological Associates, Toledo, Ohio and Toledo Pain and Stress Center. In this position, I worked in the clinical psychology area (registered with the State board of Psychology as a psychological assistant). Among the treatment methodologies I worked with included biofeedback (electromyogram, electroencephalogram, galvanic skin response and pulse), cognitive control, visual image, rational emotive and Rogerian therapy and autogenic and progressive relaxation (Jacobson and other methods). Also worked with typical private psychological clinic client.

Counselor (part-time volunteer). The Link, Bowling Green, Ohio 43402. The Link is a 24-hour crisis intervention agency. Formal training involved 20 hours of classroom work, 12 hours of supervised role playing, situational simulation and 10 hours of apprenticeship. I worked about 20 hours a week. Involved with the cases a crisis counseling center typically attracts (suicides, drug problems, pregnancy, rape, child and wife beating, etc. type problems) and, March 1968 – June 1972 (part time). Also have 2 years experience working with drug addicts as a teacher/counselor at Alexandrine House and other centers in Detroit, Michigan.

Reference Librarian and General Library Work. For the Royal Oak Public Library, Royal Oak, Michigan. Worked developing a new library program.

Reference Librarian and Audio-Visual Technician. Oakland Community College. Worked in the early stages of developing the audiotutorial approach based on behavioral objectives, utilizing the multi-median approach for OCC’s experimental educational program.

Commercial and Industrial Photographer. For Bloomfield Photographers, Inc. Did a wide variety of commercial and scientific photography, including dark room work, layout and add development.

Other work experience in the biological-medical area includes:

A. Three years at Oakland Center Hospital (Supervisor was Dr. Bernard Gerapy, M.D.) in Royal Oak, Michigan, as a technology lab assistant involved in the many tasks necessary for the operation of a small hospital, including general lab work and the preparation of research data and results for medical presentations. Also involved in researching instrumentation purchases, the evaluation, installation and maintenance of instrumentation, microphotography, medical photography, and assisting in the writing of medical reports, research, and general daily hospital operation tasks and related.

B. About one and one-half years at the Toledo Pain and Stress Center, Toledo, Ohio under the supervision of Dr. William Beausay. I worked primarily with various stress reduction techniques including biofeedback, electroencephalogram, electromyogram, galvanic skin response (GSR), and related as used in the control of chronic pain primarily due to physical injury, general back pain and unspecific caused pain. Also, dealt with the control of hypertension and the administration, supervision, and direction of pain control techniques which included use of medication and nutrition (the medical aspects were supervised by the staff medical doctor, several of which were affiliated with the organization during the time that I was there).


Collecting books, reading, writing, restoring antiques, carpentry, stamp collecting, photography and travel (have traveled throughout much of the United States, Canada and Europe).


I am or was active in the following organizations:

1. National Association for Gifted Children 6. Ohio Psychological Association

2. American Educational Research Association 7. Association for the Scientific Study of Religion

3. National Council on Measurement in Education 8. American Association of Suicidology

4. American Sociological Association 9. Institute of Religion and Health

5. American Psychological Association 10. American Society of Corrections



The Professional Organizations that I am now a member of and/or involved in, include:

1. Ohio Science Teachers Association. 7. American Institute of Biological Sciences.

2. American Biology Teachers Association. 8. Ohio Academy of Science

3. The American Scientific Affiliation. 9. American Institute of Chemists

4. The American Association for the Advancement of Science. 10. New York Academy of Sciences

5. The American Association for the History of Science 11. The New York Museum of Natural History

6. American Chemical Society


Other Professional Involvements:

President of the Society for the Scientific Study of Male Psychology and Physiology, an organization that deals with researching both the psychological and biological aspects of maleness including unique male medical problems, both as a unit and in contrast to female problems. This professional organization consists of researchers and scientists interested in various issues connected with male psychology and physiology. In this capacity, I have completed much consultation with many organization in the medical health and nutritional areas.

Elected the prestigious honor Fellow of the American Scientific Affiliation on April 30, 1983, an organization consisting primarily of natural scientists. This award is made on the basis of peer review by university professors and scientists who are likewise members of the organization, and is based solely on scholarly achievements and accomplishments.

Papers Presented at Professional Conferences.

1. “Suicide Rate Among Psychiatrists Revisited: A Thorough Review of Several Common Misconceptions.”American Association of Suicidology, 10th Annual Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts, May 19-22, 1977. Paper presented May 20, 1977.

2. “The Effect of Rigid Belief Structure on the Gifted.” Presented paper at the Annual Meeting of the National Association for Gifted Children, Friday, October 21, 1977, San Diego, California, (paper was read).

3. “The perception of Those Who are Not Healed Toward Those Who are Healed.”Presented at the Annual Meeting of The Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, in Chicago, IL, October 29, 1977; and chaired a session on “Religion and Health: Discussion from Several Disciplinary Perspectives” on October 28. The paper presented discussed the perceptions and reactions of patients whose treatment was unsuccessful toward patients whose treatment was successful.

4. “The Term Ms.: Does it Impede or Facilitate Communication?” Paper presented at the Communication, Language and Sex Symposium, on Saturday, May 20, 1978 at Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio 43403.

5. “The Mental Health of Jehovah’s Witnesses.” Presented at National CARIS Convention, Santa Anna, California, May 26-27, 1978. My presentation was taped, and is available from Mott Media, California. All my expenses were paid for by CARIS.

6. “The Attitude of University Students Toward the Teaching of Creation and Evolution in the Schools.”Presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Scientific Affiliation on Saturday, August 12, 1978 at Hope College in Holland, Michigan. The dates of the convention were August 11-14, 1978.

7. “Difficulties in the Theory of Natural Selection.” Presented April 23, 1979 at the Creation Research Society Convention at Concordia College, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

8. “The History of Religious Objections to Blood Transfusions.” Presented at the National CARIS Convention, May 19, 1979, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. All expenses were paid for by CARIS.

9. “Pornographic Films as Popular Culture: A New Classification and Trends.” Presented at the Midwest Popular Culture Association Meeting, October 11-13, 1979, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio.

10. Presented a paper on the history of religious objections to blood transfusions at the Study of American Religion Convention, New Ringgold, Pennsylvania on October 26, 1979.

11. “The Effects of Evolution on Human Behavior” presented at the meeting of the Creation Science Association of Detroit on November 20, 1979 at 7:30, at Whitmore Bolles School in Dearborn, Michigan.

12. “Vestigial Organs and Evolution.” Presented at the American Scientific Affiliation Convention on August 10, 1980, Taylor University, Upland, Indiana.

13. “Vestigial Organs as Evidence of Evolution: A History and and Evaluation.” Presented at the Creation Research Society Association Convention in Ann Arbor, Concordia College, April 16, 1980.

14. “Pornographic Movies: An Analysis.” Presented Friday, April 18, 1980 in Detroit, Michigan at National Meeting of the Popular Culture Association.

15. “Towards the Development of a Creationist Theory of Human Behavior.” Presented Friday, April 25, 1980 at 1:30 at the Christian Association for Psychological Studies Convention in Toronto, Canada.

16. “The Creation Evolution Controversy in the Schools.” Presented at the National Science Teachers Association Convention, Cleveland, Ohio, October 9-11, 1980.

17. “Two Models of Origins: Descriptions and Definitions.” Presented at the Creation Week Seminar, for high school Biology teachers April 24, 1982, Concordia College, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

18. Presented a paper on Vestigial Organs at a science conference held at Essex Community College, Essex Maryland, June 5, 1982.

19. Chaired a panel session on philosophy and science at the American Scientific Affiliation annual meeting and workshop, Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan, August 13-16, 1982.

20. Presented a paper on Recent Developments in Biology and the Human Mind at a science conference held at Essex Community College, Baltimore County, Maryland, on June 2-4, 1983.

21. The Nazi Movement and Evolution, presented at the 1983 National Creation Conference, Minneapolis, MN August 11, 1983.

22. Vestigial Organs, Latest Development. Paper presented at the 1983 National Creation Conference, Minneapolis, MN, August 11, 1983.

23. Presented a paper on Biological Theory as Related to Social Policies at the 1983 Conference “Science at the Crossroads; Observation or Speculation?” August 10-13, 1983 at Northwestern College, St. Paul, Minnesota.

24. Presented a paper on the History of Various Theories of Biology and Origins in the Kennedy Union Ballroom, at the University of Dayton, October 6, 1983.

25. Presented a lecture on the current Developments in the area of Biological Evolution at the Missouri State Teacher Association Convention, St. Louis, Missouri, November 8, 1983.

26. Chaired the session on biology and mind control at the 1984 (August 3-6) 39th Annual Meeting of the American Scientific Affiliation at Miami University at Oxford, Ohio.

27. Attended a three-day science conference and presented a paper on physiology and psychology of time, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, August 4-9, 1986.

28. Chaired the thematic session on mind control at the American Scientific Affiliation meeting held August 3-6, 1984 at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.

29. Presented a paper “Religious Discrimination in Colleges and Universities,” on August 4, held at the American Scientific Affiliation meeting August 3-6, 1984, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.

30. Presented a paper on the Physics of Time at Indiana Wesleyan University, Marian, IN, August 1989.


31. Presented a paper on High Energy Physics at the ASA Conference, Messiah College, Grantham, PA, August 1990.

32. Invited speaker at a conference of biologists and natural scientists held in Pittsburgh in 1990. The conference committee paid all my expenses, and an honorarium. I addressed mostly scientists who teach at universities or work in research in the area of biology. The area of my presentation was related to biological atavisms. The papers were published as part of the conference.

33. Presented a paper on “A History of the Modern Creation Movement” at the 50th Anniversary Meeting of the American Scientific Affiliation at Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL on July 26, 1991.

34. Presented a paper on “The Mims Case and Scientific American.” at the 50th Anniversary Meeting of the American Scientific Affiliation at Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL on July 28, 1991.

35. Presented a paper titled A Unified Approach to Particle Physics and another titled The Big Bang Theory of Cosmology at Northwestern College, St. Paul, MN on July 30 and Aug. 1, 1992.

36. Presented paper The Genetic Function of Introns as a Means of Reducing Copying Errors at the Ohio Academy of Science meeting, Medical College of Ohio, April 23, 1994, at 10:15 A.M.

37. “Blood Transfusions” presented at the Christian Countercult Convention, May, 28, 1994 at Eagle Creek, OR.

38. “Magnetic Monopoles and Grand Unification Theory.” ICC, July 18, 1994 at Pittsburgh, PA. As a featured speaker, all of my expenses were paid by the conference. The reviewers include Professors S. E Rodabaugh, Department of Mathematics at Youngstown State University and Donald B. DeYoung (Ph.D. in physics from Iowa State University) Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Grace College in Winona Lake, IN.

39. “ An Update of the Courts, Academic Freedom and Creationists.” ICC, July 18, 1994 at Pittsburgh, PA.

40. “The Legal System and Children.” 1:30-2:45 P.M., Saturday, November 5, at International CAN Conference, Independence (Cleveland), OH.

41. “The Murder Trial and the Chemists.” Presented at Chem Ed 97’ Conference, University of Minnesota, August 5, 1997, Room 320, Coffman Memorial Union.

42. Presented paper on mutations at Hope College, Holland Michigan Sunday, April 3, 2005.

43. Presented paper titled “Research on the Deterioration of the Genome and Darwinism” at the 60th Annual Meeting of The American Scientific Affiliation. Messiah College, Grantham, PA August 8, 2005.



1. Numerous speeches given for various organizations in conjunction with research activities for the Oakland County Probation Department. Also lectured numerous times as a guest speaker in college classes about areas related to corrections and psychology.

2. Presented a lecture on how to motivate students at Hancock County Public Schools on March 8, 1976. Developed several handouts and activity involvement tools in connection with this presentation.

3. Presented “Teaching by stories utilizing the didactic misadventure of Johann August Sutter,” at the Toledo Mental Health Center, May 11, 1976.

4. Presented “Educational Propaganda in American Schools Today,” at Bowling Green State University, Sponsored by “The Alternative.” February 13, 1977.

5. Presented a paper on “Humanistic Testing,” Humanistic Education Symposium, Toledo, Ohio. April 13, 1977.

6. Gave a talk titled “How We Teach Our Children to Hate School,” presented at “The Alternative” on April 27, 1977.

7. Discussed research grants, their purpose, the types, etc. on WKIQ Radio on June 7, 1977.

8. Presented a talk titled “Tests as Curriculum.” Humanistic Education Symposium, Toledo, Ohio, April 1, 1978.


9. Chaired Group #3, “The Gifted From the College Viewpoint” for the Ohio Association for Gifted Children, 26th Annual Meeting held in Cleveland, Ohio, May 5-6, 1978.

10. Invited to attend the convention of The Psychological Study of Social Issues, a division of the American Psychological Association, to present a paper at the Male-Female Symposium to be held in Toronto, Canada, June, 1978.


11. Lectured on the concept of parent’s rights at Cincinnati County Day School, 1979, Cincinnati, Ohio.

12. Presented a presentation on the Creation-Evolution Controversy on WPOS, Toledo, Ohio on October 21, 1980.

13. “How We Teach Our Children to Hate School” was presented on April 27, 1977, and a review of vocabulary margins was presented to Bowling Green State University graduate students on January 25, 1978. See letter of February 6 from Dr. Joseph Nemeth describing these presentations.

14. Presented a one hour talk titled “Shall I Marry?” to The Single Adult Seminar, Toledo, Ohio, Nov. 15, 1980.

15. Presented a one hour talk “Dealing with Pain and Stress” Oct. 16, 1980 for the Northwest Ohio Friends of CCHO in Toledo, Ohio.

16. Spoke on the Creation Evolution Controversy at the Tri-Fellowship Meeting, Church of God, Perrysberg, Ohio, Jan. 23, 1982.

17. Spoke at the ACLU annual meeting, April 30, 1982, in East Lansing, MI., on the free exercise clause of the constitution.

Among my numerous other presentations include:

1. a paper on mental health in Los Angeles, California in 1979.


2. a seminar on new religious movements at New Ringold, Pennsylvania in 1982.

3. a paper on vestigial organs presented in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1982.

4. a presentation on genetics, gene splicing, and related at OMSAL (A branch of the University of Missouri) in 1984.

5. a presentation on biological natural selection at the Washington University Medical School, St. Louis, Missouri in 1984.

6. a seminar on genetics at the University of Toronto in 1986.

7. a paper on genetics and race, in Nashville, Tennessee in 1987.

8. a paper on the eugenics movement and modern genetics at the University of Wisconsin in 1988.

I have also made presentations in the Bahamas, Portugal, Sweden, and Germany as a featured speaker.

Select Professional Conferences Attended.

1. Ohio Psychological Association Convention, Perrysberg, Ohio, May 10-12, 1975.

2. Ohio Psychological Association’s Annual Meeting in Perrysberg, Ohio, June 30-31, 1976.

3. Toledo convention for the Gifted and Talented Students, sponsored by TAG (The Association for the Gifted). May 12 and 13, 1976.


4. American Scientific Affiliation Annual Meeting in Chicago, August 12-14, 1976.

5. American Association of Suicidology, 10th Annual Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts, May 19-22, 1977.

6. annual meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion on October 27-30, 1977, in Chicago. This professional association is made up primarily of psychologists and sociologists studying religious and small group behavior.

7. Communication, Language and Sex Symposium on May 20-21, 1978, at Bowling Green State University.

8. Midwest Association of Teachers of Educational Psychology convention in Toledo, Ohio, April 18-19, 1978.

9. 31st Annual American Scientific Affiliation meeting held at Hope College in Holland, Michigan, from August 11-14, 1978.

10. American Scientific Affiliation meeting at Taylor University, Upland, Indiana, Aug. 8-11, 1980.

11. symposium on religious freedom, and new church movements in New York, Oct. 30-Nov. 1, 1981. This symposium featured several noted researchers such as Dr. Richard Quebedeaux, a writer for Sojourners, The Wittenberg Door, and among other books, wrote The New Evangelicals.

12. conference on the Integration of Psychology and Christianity for teachers of Psychology in Christian Colleges at the Billy Graham Center, Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois on March 18-20, 1982. The conference was sponsored by the Christian College Coalition, American Studies Program, Washington D.C., 20002.

13. conference of the American Scientific Affiliation held August 3-6, 1984 at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.

14. Causa Seminar in Washington, D.C., May 27-30, 1985.

15. three day conference on biomedical engineering on August, 1989 at Indiana Wesleyan University, Marion, Indiana which included conveners from various medical schools and universities discussing various aspects of gene alteration its ethical ramifications including the progresses, advancements and ethical ramification of such. The focus was primarily on human gene therapy and was directed by Dr. Howard W. Jones, professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Eastern Virginia Medical School. He was on the faculty of John’s Hopkins Medical College for thirty-six years, and was a pioneer in the development of the methods for assisted reproduction, and was involved in the development of the first in vitro fertilization clinic in this area.

16. ascience conference at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA, August 1984.

17. five-day meeting of the American Scientific Affiliation in Grantham, PA at Messiah College, August 1989.

18. five-day 50th Anniversary Meeting of the American Scientific Affiliation July 25-29, 1991 at Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL and presented two papers.

19. science conference at Northwestern College in St. Paul, MN from July 29 to Aug. 1, 1992.

20. 103rd annual meeting of Ohio Academy of Science, Medical College of Ohio, Toledo, OH, April 22-24, 1994.

21. 1994 CAN National Conference on November 4-6, 1994 at Independence, OH (Cleveland).

22. presentation on foliate receptors by Wu Yan on Friday, Dec. 23, 1994 from 11:00 to 1:00 P.M. at Medical College of Ohio in Toledo, OH.

23. presentation by Professor Sonia M. Najjar, “PP 120-ECTO-ATPase; A Novel Substrate of the Insulin Receptor Tyrosine Kinase,” Jan. 18, 1995, at MCO, Toledo, OH.

24. seminar by K.M. Renuka Prasad on “Intranuclear Association Between the Adeno-Associated Virus Replication and Capsid Proteins: A Virus Assembly Intermediate?” on Wednesday, Feb. 8, 1995 at MCO in Toledo, OH.

25. seminar by James C. Wiley, M.D. on “Cytochrome P450 in Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells” Friday, Feb. 10, 1995, at MCO in Toledo, OH.

26. seminar by Kenneth Neet, Ph.D. on “Structure-Function Studies of Nerve Growth Factor,” in Room 436; 11:00 A.M., April 7, 1995 at MCO Toledo Ohio

27. “EFG Regulation of the Gastrin Promoter: A Tale of Two DNA Binding Proteins” by Juanita Merchant, M.D., Ph.D., Room 436, Paul Block Jr. Health Science Building, MCO, April 21, 1995.

28. “The Molecular Genetics of Human Cancer” by Curtis C. Harris, M.D. of the National Cancer Institute, Room 110, MCO, 3:30, May 10, 1995.

29. paper “Why mutations are rarely beneficial” at Biola University, LaMirada, CA April 24, 2004.


Reports Completed.

1. “A Program Utilizing the Multi-media Approach in Retaining High School Dropouts.” 12 pages. Dept. of Adult Continuing Education. Pontiac, Michigan. 1972.

2. “An Experimental Program Comparing Offender Perceptions of Regular Probation to a Special Behavioristically Oriented Service Unit.” 42 pages. Central Michigan University. 1973.

3. “The results of the research on the Community Treatment Project,” 430-page report prepared for the National Council on Crime and Delinquency, Hackensack, New Jersey. 1974.

4. Contributed a set of 12 teaching strategies to be used at the National Association for Gifted Children Conference held in Kansas City, Missouri, October 13 through 15, 1976. 58 pages.

5. “A Learning Module Utilizing the Discovery Approach for Teaching Gifted Students, on the Basic Principles of Light, Magnetism and Energy.” Also developed a teacher’s guide and supportive demonstrations, 1989. 68 pages.

Proposals and Grants Completed.

1. July 1971 to December 1973. Involved in proposal to fund research sponsored by the National Council on Crime and Delinquency (NCCD) on the criminal population for community treatment project for second felony offenders. The grant involved over one-million dollars. The results were published by NCCD. Research experience included: developed measuring techniques, designed psychological tests, evaluated psychological programs, completed systems rates research, gathered, coded and summarized data using the computer, wrote out progress reports, and a final report on the entire research study, evaluated on-going programs, (including group counseling, marriage counseling, drug groups, individual counseling), wrote papers for publication and general public dissemination, spoke about the project to college classes and organization including the Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club, and Birmingham Community Club. Also involved in researching group and behavior modification therapy, and the more traditional counseling techniques and a wide range of psychological testing.


In-service training included a class on behaviorism taught by Jerry Provencal and Paul McCormick, program directors for BAT at Plymouth State Training Home. Seminar included readings and application of behaviorism with several types of abnormal behavior. Worked in developing practical applications of behaviorism in treating sexual, social, and drug offenders.

2. Designed and implemented, in conjunction with Central Michigan University, a research study comparing offenders’ perceptions of regular probation compared to offenders’ perceptions of a special services unit which was therapeutic and behavioristic in approach, and offered a wide variety of services normally not available to probationers.


3. July 1, 1977 to June 30, 1978. Research grant of $993.50 was provided by Bowling Green State University Faculty Research Committee to do a follow-up study of the Oakland County Community Treatment Project. The study included an extensive summary of all literature on the CTP approaches to corrections as well as a follow-up of the participants in the original project, including and examination of their criminal record, educational pursuits, occupational and other activities.

4. Received a FRC Research Grant for approximately $500.00 to do a study on idiot savants. Aside from two Master’s theses and one Ph.D. thesis and various limited articles no major study of this topic has been completed. The idiot savants phenomena has important implications for understanding human learning and memory.

5. Received the Speed Grant Award of $200.00 to attend workshop for the gifted sponsored by the National Association for Gifted Children, October 19, 1977.

6. Testified scores of times in court cases dealing with fathers’ rights, from Wed., Oct. 21, 1979 in Iowa, to 1992 in Michigan.

7. I was awarded a National Science Foundation Grant to attend a workshop at Alma College during the summer of 1993 on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Chemistry Instrumentation. The workshop was conducted by Dr. Scott T. Hill, an organic chemist at Alma College and Dr. Richard Cornelius, an inorganic chemist from Lebanon Valley College, both of which have significant experience with, and instruction on a PT-NMR. Twelve persons were selected for the workshop designed for college chemistry instructors. A Fourier transform instrument is used, and the workshop covers X-nuclei, COSY interpretation, decoupling, splitting patterns, etc.


Research Completed or in Progress.

1. Worked on a research project involving the biological basis of learning in conjunction with Wayne State University and Plymouth State Training Home for the retarded. This involved extensive reading and writing on the various biological theories of learning.

2. Developed a slide presentation and talk on educational architectural innovations, including use of roomless building utilizing igloo architecture, divider elevations, acoustical walls and roof angle position designed for the children users (especially in elementary schools), open classrooms and recessed learning centers.

3. 1976 to 1977. Worked with Dr. Ken Miller (then at Toledo Mental Health Center) to develop resident educational programs, and developed and research a bibliotherapeutic treatment program, utilization of transactional analysis, values clarification, polaritive evaluation learning and unicept approaches. Presently developing an activity involvement inventory researching the effects of various activities on present and past mental adjustment with a view towards developing therapeutic programs which utilize several innovative approaches. The questionnaire requires over 800 responses.

4. Developed a theory of motivation based on biological learning theories, relating to the reticular formation in the base of the brain. The material was presented, among other places, at an in-service training seminar at the Hancock County School District on March 8, 1976.

5. Worked with Bob Hall of Rossford Schools developing the feasibility of a program to develop Junior High and High School students’ interpersonal relationships, using especially non-peer involvement in order to effect attitude change and value clarification.

6. Worked on developing a data bank at Rossford Schools or later research and analysis; included are high school and college level students.

7. Research on the effectiveness of the “teaching test” concept, or tests which are an integral part of a learning program, and specifically designed to serve as a medium to directly or indirectly teach class material. (studied student’s perceptions of tests, how they feel about exams, and why). Also studied why the common misconception that students should not change their answers is believed in spite of consistent research which finds that, statistically, changing an answer improves the chances that the testee will receive a higher score.

8. Extensive research on the phenomenon known as idiot savants, or more commonly called autistic savants. Have reviewed all extant literature in all languages and am currently in the process of supervising translating of foreign literature into English. From this research, I will complete a book which involves extensive discussion of this phenomenon which has important implications for education as a whole. Received a $500.00 Bowling Green State University Faculty Research Grant to aid in conducting this research.

9. 1976 – Consulted with Spencer Manor Nursing Homes, Inc. in the development of an employee improvement program designed to deal especially with improving inter-personal skills. (See later dated June 18, 1976.)

10. 1977 – 1978. Consulted with Gordon F. Ogram, M.D., of Tiffin Mental Health Center regarding the development of holistic milieu therapy programs.

11. Researching the attitudes of students, teachers, and others toward the teaching of various theories of origins in the schools. Published a fastback for the Phi Delta Kappan on this topic, and have published many articles on this subject.

Radio, Video Tapes, and Television Shows

I have appeared on approximately 200 radio shows and 14 television shows for various Public Television Stations. My research has been featured four times on the Paul Harvey Show, and once by David Brinkley. Some specific examples are as follows:

1. Interviewed on CBS News, New York by Joe Williams, “What’s Happening” Show, May 24, 1979.

2. Gary Honnert (WLWT-TV, Cincinnati) Saturday, April 5, 1979.

3. Sue Donaldson (CKFM Radio, Toronto, Canada) May 24, 1979.

4. Interviewed by Kathy McCarthy of Every Women Documentary television program in Washington, DC.

5. Peggy Alexander WHIO Radio, Dayton, OH and Dean Schott, Columbus radio, 1979.

6. Interviewed on WRLM, Monroe, MI, for one hour on April 13, and two hours on WOHO, Toledo, OH on April 19 about research I am currently involved in.

7. Interviewed on Spring Arbor’s radio station with Chris Newhouse on the Creation/Evolution issue. 1981

8. Interviewed on SAC Radio on April 27, 1982 on “Moonies – Threat or Challenge.” Interviewed on SAC Radio on May 5, 1982 on “Anti-Christianity in our society.”

9. Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mental Illness. La Jolla CA: Good News Defenders 1986.

10. Interviewed in Battling Over The Children, and Jehovah’s Witnesses and Prophesy and Witness of Jehovah. Jerimah Films, Los Angeles, CA, 1986.

11. Interviewed on Spring Arbor Radio, which was aired October 21st at 7:00 and November 11th at 7:00, 1992. (discussed psychological aspects of censorship, ventilation theory, the effect of aggression on television, and the relationship between church and state, as well as other topics.)

12. Interviewed during June, 1991 on Adrian, MI radio on the subject of origins.

13. Interviewed in March, 1994 on WMUZ Radio, Detroit on Darwinism and Women (Terry Wilson contact person).

14. Was interviewed by Beth Pearlman (612-330-2647) of station WCCO Television II, Minneapolis, MN relative to research on suicide (5-20-94). Program aired 5-22-94.

15. Interviewed on Speak-Up America (Gerd Zeapaldt, M.S.) and Real People (Hal Parets, M.S.).

16. Was a question (TV Show), Turning Point, TV 44 (WTLW T.V.), Lima, Ohio, May 3, 1995.

Workshops Attended.

1. Numerous Faculty Development Workshops, various dates.

2. Communication Skills Seminar, Bowling Green State University, November 13, 1974. The seminar focused upon communication skills for teachers.

3. Grantsmanship, Proposal Writing: An Overview; workshop held on April 30, 1976 on proposal writing offered by the Department of Research Studies, Bowling Green State University.

4. Attended a workshop co-sponsored by Jackson Community College and Spring Arbor College titled “Why Correctional Education?” October 23, 1982 on the campus of Spring Arbor College, Spring Arbor, Michigan.

5. Completed a workshop on Quality Control sponsored by The American Society for Quality Control on April 8, 1988 at Northwest State College, Archbold, OH.

6. Completed a workshop on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy at Alma College, July 12-16, 1993, Professor Scott Hill, Ph.D. Director

7. Completed a workshop on Fourier transmission infrared spectroscopy at the University of Dayton on June 25-20 1995 directed by R. Gerald Keil Ph.D. professor of chemistry..

8. Completed OSHA lab safety training, Jan. 4, 1995 at Medical College of Ohio in Toledo, OH.

9. Completed seminar on GenBank and NCBI molecular biology resources at Case Western University in Cleveland, OH. May 22, 2001.

Other professional activities.

1. Founder of the Society for the Study of Male Psychology and Physiology, a non-profit research Entity Presently involved in the process of achieving APA divisional status. The eight founding members are:

1. William J. Beausay, Ph.D. 5. Douglas Fricke, Ph.D.

2. Gerald R. Bergman, Ph.D. 6. Marvin L. Kumler, Ph.D.

3. Leslie J. Chamberlin, Ph.D. 7. John F. Newby, Ph.D.

4. Robert B. Early, M.F.A. 8. Adeh K. Tomeh, Ph.D.


The purpose of SSMPP is to promote both the accumulation and dissemination of information regarding the physiology and psychology of the human male. We are presently developing a quarterly professional journal to publish research in the area of male psychology and physiology. See letter from Marvin Kumler, Ph.D. (Psychology Dept., Bowling Green State University), of March 31, 1978. Listed in Encyclopedia of Associations, 1980 education to date.

2. Appointed to the liaison sub-committee on Religion for American Association for Suicidology in June 1979.

3. Asked to testify relative to House Bill 4223 Family Visitation Bill under consideration in the House Corrections Committee and testified October 11, 1979, 8:30, room 420B of the Capitol Building (see letter from Jeffrey Padden, Chairperson House Committee, October 3, 1979.

4. Served as a reviewer for Third International Conference on Creationism held at Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA. In 1994.

5. Served as a reviewer (1980 to date) for the Creation Research Society Quarterly.

6. Served as a reviewer (1980 to date) for the Fourth International Conference on Creationism.

Service to the College (Bowling Green State University and Other).

1. 1978. Submitted a set of sub-goals for EDFI 402 (Tests and Measurements) in reference to the State of Ohio Committee on Educational Redesign.

2. Substitute Library Representative for EDFI (Bowling Green State University). See letter of September 27, 1974, from Dr. Robert L. Reed, Chair, Dept. EDFI.

3. New courses developed at Bowling Green State University include:

a. Creative Problem Solving which discusses logic, reasoning, creativity, and teaching (in process).

b. Working with and Understanding Gifted Children.

c. Developed and taught an EDFI 580 course titled Seminar on Gifted Children which dealt with the psychology of giftedness, genius and eminence. This course has been taught total of four times. I developed the entire course, including a set of 17 original handouts ranging from 4 to 18 pages.

d. Developed and taught EDFI 580 course titled Curriculum and Gifted Children. I developed this entire course including numerous handouts, curriculum exercises, and units designed to facilitate teaching gifted children in the areas of social studies, spelling, reading, natural and physical sciences, creativity, general writing, literature, English, and other course areas.

4. Researched a booklet published by Bowling Green State University designed to guide and direct education majors in the programs, extra-curricular activities and their general school career (See letter from Professor Jim Hodge).

5. Taught three sections of the Bowling Green State University University Division Seminar, Department earned six student credit hours for the two seminars.

6. Served on Academic Affairs Committee at Northwest Technical College for four years, including two as Chair (1986-1991).

7. 1976-79. Organized the “Friends of the University Library” which was involved in a used book sale (twice each year for the past two years from which we have raised over $5,000.) Wrote, produced and sold a cookbook, and held a bake and flower sale. Fund-raising activities planned include a record sale, a “trash and treasure” sale, the production of a revised version of cookbook, and other activities. The sale enabled the library to obtain items which normally could not be purchased for the Library. Developed a program to solicit membership to the Library in a number of categories, depending upon the amount of money contributed.

8. Elected President of the Friends of the University Library, May 16, 1977.

9. 1977-79. Started the Bibliotheca University interest group, which concerns itself with books including sources, collecting, value, repair and maintenance, different types of books, methods of locating rare books, etc. The main focus is on locating books for research and collectors.

10. 1977-78. Served on the screening committee for hiring the new Director of Campus Security and Safety. Duties include screening all applicants and reference material, and selecting the candidate which seemed to best fit the philosophy that we as a group, decide we want this department to evolve into.

11. 1975-76. Participated in both the 1975 and 1976 Preregistration conference with parents of incoming students. (see letter written on 9-27-76 by Dr. Rothe, Provost).

12. Worked on developing a Saturday morning enrichment program for the gifted. Program offered at Bowling Green State University Main Campus, Firelands, Findlay and other centers.


1. Designed and implemented an experimental adult education program utilizing the multi-media approach to retain high school drop-outs for Pontiac Adult Education. Project Director, Tom Rosenthal. 1976.

2. Researched case record flow for Oakland County Department of Corrections in an effort to develop a more economical record system conducive to probable research requirements based on the uniform parole reports; Oakland County, Michigan.

3. Developed a set of course goals for 402 within Project Interaction concentrating on affective goals Project 419, State Department proposal. Funded by the Department of Education.

4. 1977-1978. In conjunction with the Toledo Mental Health Center in Toledo, Ohio, developed several educational therapy programs including poetry and bibliotherapy program. Also developed an activity involvement checklist consisting of 800 items to assess past activity involvement, activity interest, and to develop future programs. See letter from Ken Miller, director activity therapy unit, Toledo Mental Health Center, Toledo, Ohio.

5. 1978-1979. Worked with the APA Task Force on Suicide, researching the suicide rate among psychiatrists and developing techniques of identification and prevention. (Worked with Dr. Matthew Ross, M.D., and Dr. Fox, M.D., and others). Have published several articles in connection with this work.

6. Completed 217 photographs for a book written by Dr. Rosalind Charlesworth and Deanna Radeloff, titled Experiences in Math for Young Children (Delmar Publishers, 1978).

7. Consulted with Dr. Melvin Curry on his Ph.D. Thesis titled “Jehovah’s Witnesses…The Effects of Millenarianism on the Maintenance of a Religious Sect.” (Ph.D. Thesis, the Florida State University, college of Arts and Sciences. See Acknowledgements.)

8. Consulted with Duane Magnani on his current writing project in Bowling Green, Ohio, on Nov. 7-8, 1981.

9. Reviewed several sections and made extensive comments, for the book Caring and Curing Historical Essays on Health Medicine and the Faith Traditions. Ed. by Dr. Ronald Numbers, New York, Macmillan Free Press, 1985.

10. 1986-1994. Consulted with local industry on chemical waste concerns, toxicity, industrial processing and related, various dates.

11. 1990-1991. Consulted with David Feldman, the author of the best selling “Imponderables:” series Why Do Clocks Run Clockwise and When do Fish Sleep and Other Imponderables for his fourth book to be published by Harper and Roe in the fall of 1990. I consulted primarily in areas of male physiology, biology and behavior.

12. Consulted with Dr. Paul Nathanson of the McGill Center for Medicine, McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on the area of male physiology and psychology. He is presently working on a book called “The Future of Nature, New Reproductive Techniques and the Symbolic Frontier” and a second book “Gender Shock; Human Identity and the Symbolic Frontier” and a third book, “The Masculine Syndrome.”

13. Consulted with Wadsworth Publishing Company, Frank Ruggirello, Senior Editor relative to their development of a general college health textbook. They have expressed interested in my becoming involved in a new area in which they desire to make a major commitment to education. In the next five years, they plan to publish a number of textbooks for the entire undergraduate health education curriculum. I have developed suggestions relative to developing computer program health evaluation courses which students type in data relative to their own situation. This data will be computer analyzed, and students can be given information relative to improvement of their health nutrition habits and related.

14. I have been told that a monograph which I completed several years ago on teaching biological theories of origins for Phi Delta Kappa, the honor society in education, has been one of the most successful monographs in the series.

15. 1990. I was asked to write a short article on what I judged as the most significant research in biology and origins for an Australian general science magazine. This has been completed and sent.

16. Consulted with Allyn and Bacon, specifically Virginia Lanigan, on a biochemistry book that they are presently developing. My role has been to assess the content covered, and suggest improvements relative to specifics. I am also exploring with them and other publishers, the publication of the manuscript which I have developed in the area of biochemistry, although this is at present in the exploratory stages only. There has also been some discussion on my preparing auxiliary materials for the current biochemistry manuscript that this and other companies are developing, such as a lab manual, instructor’s manual, student’s outline, and related.

17. I regularly do science library consulting (my home science library is now listed in the American Library Association Directory of Libraries, 1990 and subsequent editions).

18. Consulted with D.C. Heath and Company on proposals for their non-majors biology development, specifically with Kathi Prancon and Walter Cunningham, in April of 1990.

19. Was asked by well-known social scientist Dr. David Moberg of Marquette University, to chair a symposium on human rights to be presented in the local scientific organization.

20. Consulted with Lytton J. Musselman, Dept. of Biological Sciences, Parasitic Plant Laboratories, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA. 1991.

21. Consulted with Barbara Dury and James Jackson, Associate Producer and producer of 60 Minutes respectively relative to programing. The show I consulted on aired on Dec. 27, 1992.

22. Consulted with Bruce Williamson, Editor of Reader’s Digest on an article on the area of males and weight loss, Jan. 25, 1993.

23. Consulted with David Balsiger, Sun International Pictures, Inc., for the CBS Special Ancient Mysteries of the World. Was shown in 1990 and latter dates.

24. I was invited to write a number of sections for a technical physics book by Delmar Publishers, a task which I have now begun working on. I also extensively reviewed and revised a college level physics book for them.

25. Reviewed/consulted with Houghton Mifflin Co., Richard Stratton, Chemistry Editor on a new chemistry book they are publishing. August 1993.

26. Consulted with David W. Balsiger, producer with Good Times Family Entertainment, South Odgen, UT on a CBS Television special (see letter dated May 20, 1994).

28. Consulted with Robin Williams Adams for articles published in Health 1994, specifically, “Men’s Health, Women’s Health; More than the Obvious Difference Effect Medical Treatment, Research,” March 20, 1994, pp. 4 and “Changes Occur More Gradually in Aging Men,” March 20, 1994, pp. 10-11.

29. Consulted/Reviewed for Prentice-Hall an Introduction to General, Organic and Biological Chemistry (A 1996 College Textbook) by Robert Ouellette for Ben Roberts, Chemistry Editor for Prentice-Hall.

30. Reviewed the college textbook Physical Science, by John Penton, Carl Rotter and Robert Nakon for West Education Publishing, for Lucy Paine Kezar, Developmental Editor.

31. Reviewed the college textbook The Biology of Animals by Cleve Hickman, Larry Roberts and Allan Larson (1997 WCB/McGraw Hill) for Andora Pozolinski, Developmental Editor.

Some of the dates, etc., noted above are approximate, as I have not kept full records of all presentations, etc., although I have records for most of them.

Select Reviews Concerning my Work:

1. “Vestigial Organs” Are Fully Functional (A History and Evaluation of the Vestigial Organ Origins Concept). Reviewed by John R. Meyer in CRS Quarterly, Vol. 28, Mar 1992, p. 169.

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7. Review of Jehovah Witness: a Comprehensive and Selectively Annotated Bibliography. InChoice. 37(2):302. October, 1999.

Select Publications that Have Quoted my Work:

Schlossberg, Herbert. 1991. A Fragrance of Oppression; The Church and Its Persecutors. Crossway Books, Wheaton IL, p. 232.

Becker, David R. 1994. “Evolution: A Racist Fairy Tale.” Homiletic & Pastoral Review, October, pp. 7-16.

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PUBLICATIONS for Jerry Bergman, Ph.D.


Books and Monographs 26 Book Manuscript Rev.20

Books and Monographs Cassette Tapes 19

Completed.11 Articles 464

Book Chapters 36 Internet Articles 28

Book Reviews 56 Newspaper Articles__51

Total 711

Books and Monographs Published (listed in order of date published. Some works are a translation and/or a revision of an English edition)

1. Evaluation of an Experimental Program Designed to Reduce Recidivism Among Second Felony Criminal Offenders. Ann Arbor, MI: University Microfilms Publishers, 1976. 886 pp.

2. Watchtower Congregations: Communion or Conflict? Santa Anna, CA: CARIS Press, 1978. 8 pp.

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26. Evaluation of Optical Radiation in Medical Diagnostics and Treatment. Masters Thesis. Medical College of Ohio, Toledo Ohio. 2004. 78 pp.

Books or Monographs in Press or Completed

1. Homosexuality in the Prisons. (manuscript completed).

2. Junk and More Junk. A children’s book about consumptionism (manuscript completed).

3. The Rights of Children: The Issue of Licensing Parents. (manuscript completed).

4. (With Kevin Wirth). The Creation/Evolution Controversy: A Bibliography Guide from 1939 to the Present. New York, NY: Garland Publishing, Inc. In preparation. Two volumes, c.400 pp. each

5. “Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mental Illness: A Review of the Literature and a Discussion” in The Sociology and History of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Edited by J. M. Penton, PhD.

6. “The Gifted Among the Jehovah’s Witnesses” in The Sociology and History of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Edited by J. M. Penton PhD. Manuscript

7. “Religious Objections to Blood Transfusion” in The Sociology and History of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Edited by J. M. Penton PhD. Manuscript

8. “The History of Modern Religious Objection to the Flag Salute in the Schools” in The Sociology and History of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Edited by J. M. Penton. Manuscript

9. The outline has been approved by the publisher for a book on the psychology of giftedness, and I am now completing the seventh chapter. Extensive notes have been gathered for other chapters. No date is set for the completion of this project. I have used completed units and sections of this book as handouts in my seminars on giftedness.

10. Completed about 70 pages on a book about phobias, which is tentatively entitled, So, What Are YOU Afraid Of? A Dictionary of Phobias. The book is a popular treatment cataloging a large variety of different types of phobias. A large number of case histories which illustrate each typed phobia are utilized. For each type of phobia a discussion of its cause, treatment and ramifications is included. Most of the scientific literature on phobias deals with treatment by conditioning. My work avoids discussing this aspect, as I am concentrating on the classification, variety and lore of phobias. As far as I’m aware, my work is the first attempt to deal with phobias in this way. Most writers such as Rochman, (Phobias, Their Nature and Control) do not attempt to discuss the various general types of phobias, but treat all phobias somewhat alike.

11. I am presently gathering the data for a book about the elderly, tentatively entitled Old Folks in America. The book will be a sociological study of the elderly and will be done in much the same way as Studs Terkel’s Working. I am presently interviewing select elderly persons and have completed about 18 hours of interviews.

Book Chapters

1. A World Without Prisons. Edited by Dr. Calvert Dodge, MA: Lexington Books, 1979. Authored Chapter 11 (pp. 215-236) on research problems called “Some Criticism of the Community Treatment Projects and Other Alternatives Examined,” which is about the problems of doing research in corrections. Another chapter I authored on the community treatment concept will appear in a follow-up volume.

2. “Albert Szent-Gyorgyi’s Theory of Syntropy and Creationism,” in Up With Creation; Edited by Duane Gish and Donald Rohrer, Creation-Life Publishers, 1978, San Diego, CA; Chapter 54, pp. 334-341.

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5. Vestigial Organs – A Brief Summary of the Latest Research,” Science at the Crossroads: Observation or Speculation?. Richfield, MN: Onesimus Publishing, 1985. pp. 111-115.

6. “Influence of Evolution on Nazi Thought,” Science at the Crossroads: Observation or Speculation?. Richfield, MN: Onesimus Publishing, 1985. pp. 156-160.

7. “Censorship of Creationist Books, Papers and Ideas,” Proceedings of the 11th Bible-Science Association National Conference. Minneapolis, MN: Bible-Science Association, 1985. pp. 32-45.

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4. “The Politically Correct Movement at Universities” (Community Voice). The Bryan Times, Saturday, February 19, 2005, p. 4.

5. “Scientists Have Major Doubts.” The Bryan Times, Friday, August 26, 2005, p. 4.

*As of the date of completion, to the best of my knowledge all of the information in this list is accurate, but as parts were reconstructed years later and typed in by a paid typist, this cannot be guaranteed; almost all of the information, though, can be fully verified.











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  1. Is this guy a creationist?

  2. Yes, Pablo. He’s apparently a YEC of the Morris school.

  3. Wow. This guy really does have his hand in everything. Does this guy really have 5 masters, two PhD’s, and an extra two doctorates in the oven?

  4. […] During the same conversation I mentioned to Bergman how absolutely insane his CV is (which I posted here, verbatim except for the contact information for Bergman), and I told him I made an Excell spreadsheet that goes, at times, as many as 7 columns out, and that’s with 3 pages of information that I couldn’t place because he provided no dates for them. Bergman again exploded in his persecution claims saying that websites publish things like that to descredit him and so I had to mention, after a bit of a pause, “Actually, I got it from Dave [Lehman].” And so, I asked Lehman, “Dave, what are you doing to Bergman? Why are you persecuting Bergman?” All I got was a grin. Bergman asked Lehman to go get his CV, and Lehman told Bergman that it was time for them to go because the doors were locked and they wouldn’t be able to reenter (it was past midnight). I told Bergman that his vita did have problems and I was merely pointing them out and I told him the source of this whole madness may be his secretary, and I recommend that he fire her and write his own vita. I asked him if we can be friends, he said yes, and we shook hands and he left. […]

  5. What are you people up to? It is inappropriate in the extreme to take someone’s CV and publish it without consent on your web site. Of course this guy’s incensed! Anyone would be. I know nothing about the controversy between you – came across this while searching on-line for someone else. But man-on-the-street common sense recognizes this posting as over the top and a form of intimidation. Doesn’t matter that you left out his telephone number. Big deal. I could track him down with all the details you provided and I don’t even know him Your zeal has crossed the line. This is unethical. You should take this down. Find another way to summarize his background.

  6. B. Lazer,

    Your stance that is “inappropriate and extreme” to publish someone’s CV is one that is pretty difficult to support when you consider that many universities and other institutions have the CVs of their scientists readily available to the public via internet access. This CV was delivered to me by Bergman himself through David J. Lehman. I posted it verbatim. A CV is a statement of credibility, and if Bergman has nothing to hide and is who he says he is with this, then he should have no problem at all with his CV being published – since this is the purpose of a CV.

  7. […] the same conversation I mentioned to Bergman how absolutely insane his CV is (which I posted here, verbatim except for the contact information for Bergman), and I told him I made an Excel […]

  8. how can I add to bookrmark your blog? would you like to visit mine? regards!

  9. This is an amazing list of accomplishments. I don’t know how one
    person could do all of this. The dates for educational experience
    and professional experience conflict. He is a student at Wayne State
    from 1967-76, then Bowling Green from 82-86, yet he is teaching at
    BG 73-80,Spring Arbor 81-82,UT 80-86 with Defiance and Owens in there
    somewhere. Also, he states that he was a volunteer counselor at The
    Link March 1968 – June 1972. This can not be. The Link was not formed
    until June of 1975. It makes me wonder how much of this is really true.

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  11. The truly incredible thing seems to be that all of the articles are written solely by Bergman. Either Bergman never collaborates with anybody on a particular piece of work, or he’s not giving credit where credit is due.

  12. […] it’s the PhD he supposedly worked for 1989-1992 at Columbia Pacific University, according to Bergman’s CV. (Or is the CV wrong about this?) Columbia Pacific University, according to its Wikipedia page, is […]

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