Dr. Bill Lucas Update: 9.5 weeks after being discredited

August 21, 2006 at 3:05 am | Posted in Journal of Anti-Science meetings | 1 Comment

Just a quick note.

It’s been awhile before I checked in with Dr. Bill Lucas. I haven’t had any faith that his resume would change, and so I haven’t checked in. Looks like I was right to not be sitting on the edge of my seat as 9.5 weeks after his 2nd presentation to Wichita State and I brought to his attention that his resume was fictitious (and so was his claim of presenting of the AAAS), that’s 66 days, and Bill Lucas still has not corrected his resume.

On Friday, J. David Lehman and Dr. Paul Ackerman, the de-facto leader of CORR and the Wichita State faculty sponsor, brought in Dr. Jerry Bergman, a man with similar credibility issues who vehemently defended Dr. Lucas during his visit. Bergman is set to release a new book, The Long War by Darwinists Against Darwin Skeptics, where he “documents hundreds of cases of blatant discrimination against Creationist professors.” I don’t know if Bergman, who makes seriously questionable (if not flat out fictional) claims at persecution, will include himself and Lucas, who also makes such claims, or where the book will appear in the library.


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  1. Found your posts on Dr. Bill Lucas by way of a comment left by a reader at the Pharyngula blog.

    After reading about the problem with Dr. Lucas’ resume I decided to see if it had been duly altered. It has not. It’s now April 2007, and his resume still lists “Professor of Physics at Catholic and American Universities in Washington, D.C.” under Experience History.

    Best I can tell, the CSS website was last updated in Feb ’07, with a newsletter: Vol. 10, No 1, Feb 2007 Derivation of the Universal Force Law – Part 4.

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