Evolution + Creation at St. James Episcopal Church

October 2, 2006 at 5:03 am | Posted in Events | Leave a comment

The St. James Episcopal Church at 3750 E. Douglas is hosting a series concerning this whole silly debate. It appears to look honest though. I know several of the presenters, and all that I know except 2 of them are scientifically credible.

Here is what the pamphlete says:

Dear Friends,

The debate over teaching Evolution in our schools is a religious issue. Kansas has become nationally known as a state stat struggles with the teaching of evolution in our schools. Therefore I felt it necessary to present the issue to you on Sunday mornings.

This course will ppresent the dilemna of the Creation from many perspectives. I will begin by discussing the Biblical story of creation. We will hear then from a Creationist, and a proponet of Intelligent Design. We also will hear the perspectives of numerous geologists, a teacher of science, a chemist and a biologist, many of whom are faithful members of our congregation.

It is my hope that this course will help you understand the depth of this issue. How do we see God as active in Creation? Is there a way to harmonize the relationship between science and religion? Can we ever really know how we began? What do Anglicans believe?

I want to thank Bob Cowdery, who helped me plan this course and will introduce many of our speakers, and Mike Reno who halps facilitate our equipment and dicusions. I hope that this class helps you understand more fully what you believe about the role of God in creation.

Faithfully, Kate.

Here is the schedule (Listed here as they are listed in the pamphlete):

September 17: Biblical Perspective, The Rev. Kate Moorehead

September 24: Creationism, Dr. Paul Ackerman

October 1: Geological View, Mr. Todd Aikens

October 15: Evolution, Dr. David T. Hughes

October 22: Anthropology Viewpoint, Dr. Peere Moore-Jansen

October 29: Teaching Evolution, Mr. Tim Phares

November 5: Biological View, Prof. George Bousfield

November 19: Intelligent Design, Prof. Niall Shanks

November 26: Chemical View, Prof. Paul Rillema

St. James Episcopal Church is located at 3750 E. Douglas. These events are from 10:15-10:45AM on the scheduled days.


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