CORR returns to Wichita State

March 26, 2007 at 11:49 pm | Posted in Journal of Anti-Science meetings | 2 Comments

Christians for Origins and Religious Research (CORR) has returned to holding meetings on the Wichita State campus after a hiatus of a few months following the departure of J. David Lehman, a thinning crowd, and a dwindling interest of the students and other regulars involved. I attended a few of the meetings after Lehman left, and Dr. Paul Ackerman (ICR and AiG listed creation scientist, CORR faculty sponsor, and psychology co-chair) took over as the main presenter. As main presenter, Dr. Ackerman did his best to stay out of misrepresenting science while focusing more on his version of Christian history. Because he stayed out of the ugly practice of misinforming the public about science, I didn’t have much to say at these meetings and did my best to stay out of the discussion. However, Thursday’s upcoming meeting is apparently aimed at provoking me (if I can attend) and other pro-science participants into not only discussing but interrupting. CORR will present a two-and-a-half hour long documentary, “Teaching Origins Objectively.” This is propaganda pimped by John Calvert at the ID Network about the mock trial that the Kansas State Board of Education was assanine enough to waste time and money on in May of 2005. The image from the email I received announcing the meeting is posted below, as well as information concerning another showing by Ackerman of the documentary in Wichita on April 12th.

I found information concerning the showing of “Teaching Origins Objectively” at the Central Christian Church in Wichita here. The information is posted verbatim below.

“Teaching Origins Objectively”
Central Christian Church
2900 North Rock Road
Wichita, Kansas
7:00 p.m.
Thursday, April 12th

Hear what materialistic educators and press don’t want you to know on Thursday, April 12th when the video “Teaching Origins Objectively” is shown at 7:00 p.m. in the Crown Room of Central Christian Church located at 2900 North Rock Road in Wichita.


This two and one-half hour video is the highlights of four days of testimony that were recorded in Topeka in May of 2005. These hearings supported the criticisms of materialistic origins that were voted into the Kansas Science Standards in November of 2005. You will see the strategy and intent of the materialist opposition exposed. This two part series is free to the public and will be shown in one hour and fifteen minute segments each month.


The video series is made available by Dr. Paul Ackerman of Wichita State University. Dr. Ackerman will answer questions at the conclusion of each program. This event is sponsored by Bible Science Fellowship who examine the evidence for God the Creator.

I ask you, as usual, to come to the meeting yourself and/or notify anyone who is a fan of “creation science” of it. Opportunities like these for scientists and the scientific illiterate to meet face to face can not be wasted as it is a immense hassle to go to door to door. I may not be able to attend the meeting myself because I am having medical problems and have a doctor’s appointment that day that may tie me up, but I will do my best to direct as many scientists to the meeting as are available and are willing to attend.



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  1. “The video series is made available by Dr. Paul Ackerman of Wichita State University.”

    Hmmm. Does this statement mean that WSU helped pay for the video, or is Ackerman just using WSU’s name to try to get some credibility?

    Isn’t Ackerman’s Ph.D. in psychology?

    (PS Good to have you back, silkworm; hang in there!)

  2. nunyer,

    Sorry for the delay. I’m juggling a million things right now.

    From what I understand, Wichita State had nothing at all to do with either the purchase or the screening of this video. Most likely, Ackerman just used his faculty card to get a free room and showed it.

    Yes, Ackerman has a PhD in psychology from Kansas University, and is WSU’s assistant chair of the psychology department.

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