Ken Ham coming to Wichita

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Ken Ham, founder and president/CEO of Answers in Genesis, will present to Sunrise Christian Academy on Saturday, October 13th 2007 from 6PM – 9:30PM. This Worldview Weekend event lists the topics to be:

Answering The Ten Most Common Questions on Creation and Evolution; Sorry Not Saved; Why Are So Many Students Leaving the Church and What Can Be Done; Why I am A Christian; The Key To Reclaiming The Culture; Answering the Most Common Worldview Questions and more!”



 I already have my ticket and will be attending this event. I’ll also pass on more information as it becomes available.


Specials thanks to my friends at KCFS for notifying me of this event.

Thanks, Crocodile Hunter

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Steve Irwin February 22, 1962 – September 4, 2006



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