*What I’m Doing…

By defending science, scientists, and nonscientists, I’m trying to preserve the practice that gives humanity its power, health, and comfort; the people who practice it; and, for those who don’t practice it, an ally to make sure they’re getting the correct information about it.

Currently, the biggest assault on science is by creationism/Intelligent Design, which, ceaselessly and inaccurately, misportrays accepted textbook science through its own presentations and media to nonscientists in order to gain support. So naturally, a lot of my defense is against this movement.

What I am not doing is attempting to compromise anyone’s religious faith. Science does not comment on religion because it is limited by the bounds of nature, and so a supernatural being is not testable by science. Also, scientific experimentation cannot control for the actions of a supernatural being, so it can not consider the presence of one. Any interpretations of science about the existence of a supernatural being are not those of science, because it is outside of its limitations, and are only that of the interpreter.

Correspondingly, the insertion of a supernatural being into science compromises its practice because it is beyond its limitations. Science can only exist where it can test, in the natural universe.

For more clarity on what I’m doing and why I’m doing it I ask you to read my entry from April 9, 2006 which can be found by clicking here.


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  1. Hi, silkworm —

    Haven’t heard from you lately. What’s going on with you, and in Wichita? I think Harry from KCFS was going to give you a buzz and see if you’re still around.

    Be sure to visit my blog! And e-mail me about what you’re doing.

    Best wishes,
    Liz Craig

  2. P.S.

    Well, it’s actually not *my* blog…

  3. Have read, with much interest, page after page of materials from this site. I think I have the correct site. My friend, Phil, and I had coffee with a very intelligent man at the Riverside Perk this afternoon. I asked for his blog site and think this is the correct blog, but would apprciate an email back to confirm.Respectfully, John

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