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I received this email today:

Please note: Ken Ham and Brannon Howse are the speakers for the Wichita Code Blue Rally and the event starts at 5:30pm and will be held at:


Immanuel Baptist Church
1415 S. Topeka
Wichita, KS 67211

Here is a link to the rally workbook.




Please print this out and bring it with you. We don’t have workbooks available at the rally because of the cost of printing.



Please note that the rally starts at 5:30pm and concludes at 9:00pm and will be held at:


We had to move it due to the large response. Please let your friends know so no one goes to the wrong location.

Saturday, October 13, 2007. Wichita, KS

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What a strange day brewing for Wichita, KS.

On the same day (Louis) Leakey’s Angel Jane Goodall is speaking at Wichita State University, Answers in Genesis president Ken Ham is speaking at Sunrise Academy. One of the most visible and well-respected scientists alive today at a public university at 2PM, and one of the leaders of the anti-science movement that has made Kansas a laughing stock to the rest of the civilized world at a private school at 6PM.

Information about Jane Goodall’s visit to Wichita State.

Information about Ken Ham’s visit to Sunrise Academy. 

I’ll be attending both events.

Ken Ham coming to Wichita

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Ken Ham, founder and president/CEO of Answers in Genesis, will present to Sunrise Christian Academy on Saturday, October 13th 2007 from 6PM – 9:30PM. This Worldview Weekend event lists the topics to be:

Answering The Ten Most Common Questions on Creation and Evolution; Sorry Not Saved; Why Are So Many Students Leaving the Church and What Can Be Done; Why I am A Christian; The Key To Reclaiming The Culture; Answering the Most Common Worldview Questions and more!”



 I already have my ticket and will be attending this event. I’ll also pass on more information as it becomes available.


Specials thanks to my friends at KCFS for notifying me of this event.

“Flock of Dodos”

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“Flock of Dodos: The Evolution-Intelligent Design Circus” will play twice in Wichita in May. Here is a portion of an email that I received from Glenn Branch at the National Center of Science Education with the details. The showing at Wichita State is on May 7th at 7pm in the CAC theater. It’s free.

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Watkins’ Public Lecture to Focus on Evolution

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Announcement: WSU simulcasts of “Difficult Dialogues” series cancelled.

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The “Difficult Dialogues” simulcasts at Wichita State have been cancelled. The Richard Dawkins lecture was not shown, and neither will the presentations of Eugenie C. Scott or Michael Behe.

Evolution + Creation at St. James Episcopal Church

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The St. James Episcopal Church at 3750 E. Douglas is hosting a series concerning this whole silly debate. It appears to look honest though. I know several of the presenters, and all that I know except 2 of them are scientifically credible.

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Difficult Dialogues Series Simulcast Continues at Wichita State

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Kansas University’s “Difficult Dialogues at the Commons” series will continue to be simulcast at Wichita State University. To view these talks, consult the list of remaining events below and go to room 209 of Hubbard Hall on the Wichita State University campus at the scheduled time.

Scientist and author Ken Miller and federal court judge Judge John E. Jones III have already presented in the series, and five more events that will be simulcast remain.
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