*What I ask for if you wish to respond…

I encourage visitors to comment on anything on my blog if they wish to do so, but I must ask that you respect 3 things:

1. What you post must concern something in my blog or what it is about.

2. That you respect religion and religious people.

3. If you are presenting an argument, I ask that it be a scientific argument, that scientific terms be used, and textbook science not be misrepresented.

As long as you respect these 3 things, you will always be free to post here without fear of censorship.

This is the way science operates. You always have the right to test science with science.

Thank you.


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  1. good post man

  2. is design by chance or design?

  3. I’m sorry Rachel. I’m not sure what you’re asking. Could you please clarify?

  4. Rachel,

    I’ve taken a second look at your question, and I’m answering under the assumption that you’re asking about design in the real physical universe that we both share. I’m also assuming that by “chance” you mean that all factors leading to evolutionary directions are truly equal and that any route taken is truly random. I can see how it would be easy to get carried away with establishing requirements for just what exactly affects the direction of chemical or biological systems in the actual physical universe that we share, but it would take very low standards to eliminate that assumption based on all observable data. Long story short, physical phenomena elimate the possibility of any valid parameters for assumed randomness. In other words, the phenomena we observe are designed, molded by the reality of our universe.

  5. […] Thank you for the concern blust8r, but I have an agreement with Emanuel Goldstein, Atheist-Fighter, and everyone else that they are free to post here without fear of censorship as long as they follow my requests which are here: https://silkworm.wordpress.com/what-i-ask-for-in-comments/ […]

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